Puff Xtra/Pop Xtra


Disposable Vape Pens have been really crazy hot,  and after Puff bar, Pop, Mr.Vapor.
Now more people want bigger power & bigger capacity Disposable
#1.That’s the reason we recommend:
  -Puff Xtra: 1500 Puffs
  -Pop Xtra: 1100 Puffs
Also in stock with ALL FLAVORS available.
#2. All our Dipsoable all use:
  -Top Quality ORIGINAL Battery Ceel
   -ORIGINAL ZinWi E juice.
Prices are $2.39–$3.45  Per Pieces.
And In case of quality problem, we can always make you replacement.
Other models like Puff/Pop/Mr.Vapor/Puff Glow/Ezzy…etc. also stock offer.
Please kindly let me know if you need them or more details for Flavors, Battery and Delivery..etc.
To learn more about it, please contact: [email protected]


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