YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette

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Harm reduction heat not burn product for traditional cigarettes especially great for old smokers.

Size:47mm×25.5mm ×118mm
Net Weight: 150g
Charging Time:60minutes
1. Heat traditional cigarettes
2. Circumferential heating system
3. Open inlet
4. Double-deck vacuum insulation cabin
5. Type-C Interface, charging with Android charger
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Top Smoke Purification Processing System

Ultra-large purification chamber, using food-grade high-temperature resistant materials, built-in double high-efficiency purification layer

Effective adsorption of harmful elements and water escaped from the system. It not only realizes secondary purification, but also effectively controls the amount of smoke.

Replaceable filter design to make full use of cigarette filter itself

It only serves as a re-filter and can restore the taste of cigarettes very well.

Ultra-long U-shaped airway design to effectively inhibit solid particle escape
youme ecig315℃ Heating

In the mild 315℃ baking, the essence of it is to remove the bad elements. This baking technology can continuously release nicotine and water in tobacco, while most harmful substances such as benzene and heavy metals will not be released.

Constant temperature control and surround heating technology keep the temperature of cigarettes at 315 ℃, heating uniformly, making it taste more mellow and rich.


User-friendly design

YouMe is designed to use ordinary cigarettes that are readily available

Make full use of the cigarette filter itself to upgrade the smoking experience without any barriers, based on the human body’s daily nicotine intake control

YouMe II initiated the “smoking limitation mechanism”, which means that only six cigarettes can be consumed by the device.

Even so, YouMe recommends smoking no more than five cigarettes a day.

youmePrecision temperature control system

Circumferential Heating System, 180 Degree Equilibrium Heating

And keep the temperature constant at 315℃ to ensure that tobacco essence keeps stable.

Double Vacuum Insulation Cavity, Effectively Suppressing Heat Loss

At the same time, it reduces the external temperature of the equipment and makes the grip feel more comfortable.

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  1. VAPE.HK

    Heat-not-burn is the newer technology, and since we already have plenty of evidence on carbonyl levels in e-cigarette vapor, study’s results for HHN like IQOS are the most illuminating findings. The study showed that formaldehyde levels in heat-not-burn aerosol were 92% lower, for acetaldehyde levels were 85% lower, for acrolein they were 91% lower, for propionaldehyde they were 89% lower and for crotonaldehyde they were 95% lower. Overall, after a pack of cigarettes, using heat-not-burn instead of smoking would reduce your carbonyl exposure by 85 to 95%.

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