What are your working hours?

Working hours: Every day 7:00am-10:30pm Hongkong Time


Is website currency in AUD or USD



Why is the quantity of the product I received different from the quantity of the product in my order?

Our product price shows USD, many Australian customers think it is AUD, so the actual amount transferred to us is less than the order amount.
In order to speed up the shipping, the factory will by default ship the quantity of products corresponding to the amount actually received.


Which countries can you transport vapes to?

We cover countries and regions including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Dominican Republic, The Republic of Bulgaria, Latvia, Lebanon, The Republic of South Africa, República de Colombia, Cayman island, Peru, Hungary, Israel, New Caledonia, Cyprus, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Denmark, etc.

Europe: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Malta

We cooperated with various Chinese logistics agency companies to meet the needs of customers from different countries.   If your country is not on the list, welcome to contact us via email, and we will try our best to find a more capable Chinese logistics agency.

Notice: If customers in Europe are unable to handle the customs clearance procedures and the product is returned, a return fee will be applied to the logistics company, and the customer will be responsible for the return fee. So European buyers are recommended to confirm the clearance ability first.


I paid for the product, but why is the product still not shipped?

The bank need 1-3 workdays to review the transaction of each customer,  then transfer it to our account. Afterwise we submit the order to the factory for manufacturing, which takes 3-7 workdays.  When the package arrives at the logistics company from the factory, you’ll receive a tracking number for your order. PayPal prohibits e-cigarette transactions, and that’s why customers can only transfer funds through international wire transfers.

It would make the payment transfer process faster to enter your Order Number in the transfer reference and send a screenshot of the bank receipt to [email protected]. If there is a problem with the order, we will inform you via [email protected]. Otherwise, your order is normal and under processing.


How long does it take for the delivery?

It takes 2-3 weeks for delivery by certain shipping agents in the USA. Other districts in the world may need a longer or shorter time.

Due to the new shipping restriction since May 2021, some delivery may take up to 30 days. But please don’t worry when it takes a longer time, we ship your order always as we can, or we’ll let you know when there is something wrong at the earliest time.


How do I know my package has been shipped?

When the factory transports the product to the logistics company, you will receive a logistics tracking number/logistics link, and a logistics printout PDF/logistics printout image, such as the following:



Where are you located?

Shenzhen, China.


Why is your product cheaper than others?

We are in touch with the manufacturers and general agents. Meanwhile, the shipping cost is controlled strictly.


Where to check my order details?

You can see it in your account on VAPE HK SHOP.

If you don’t have an account, register an account with the email you purchased the order and you’ll see your order details.


What’s the minimum order quantity?

Due to our wholesale direction,  we’re more willing to serve bigger orders, and it also saves your cost.

The recommended quantity of products in cart is 100 pcs or more. Or total cost of products in cart is $400.00 or more.

When you buy disposable e-cigarettes, you need to buy at least 10 boxes, each box comes with 10 pieces; when there are some products packaged with 12 pcs each box, we’ll tell you after you place the order.


Can I mix the flavors for the disposable vape for my order?

1 flavor needs at least 10 pieces (1 pack). We can’t mix them with less than 10 pieces. At least 10 pieces per flavor.


Do you sell genuine authentic products?

Most products are genuine, if you have a special requirement, we can do OEM for you. We do not refund for this reason after the order is shipped, while we ensure the quality only.
Some customers choose to buy high-quality imitations for personal use, and some customers also choose to buy genuine products for sale.
If the customer does not require imitations and genuine products, we will freely choose to transport imitations and genuine products according to the actual situation.


Is there a clearance fee for my order?

There might be a small charge in customs clearance in some countries when your product is being delivered. We don’t shoulder the clearance fee, please contact us first before purchasing to confirm the clearance fee.


What happens if they are faulty?

When there is a quality problem, we’ll ask the factory to compensate for your loss, so some proof is needed for starting the compensation process.
Please keep all the broken products first and take a video with them, the video content: the product is not working when using.
The factory will only accept compensation requests with video proof.
After that, we’ll send new compensated products from the factory in your next order, and also provide 1-10 discount coupon codes based on the order amount.
Once the package is signed and delivered, the new product guarantee period is 6 months.


Do you ship on the Chinese holidays?

Most of our products are shipped from China, and only a small number of products are shipped by North American and European manufacturers. So
non-delivery time (according to Beijing time and Chinese holidays):
Every Sunday, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, The Spring Festival, The Lantern Festival, Labor Day, The Dragon Boat Festival,  Mid-autumn(Moon) Festival, National Day.


Do you accept very small orders?

Many retail customers only want to purchase e-cigarettes under 100pcs, but we do not have this service. Since there’re many merchants who buy e-cigarettes in bulk on our website for reselling,  we can provide retail customers with the resellers’ contact information to enable you to buy from them more conveniently compared to us.

I have my own brand of vapes and factories, can I publish the products on your website?

Yes. Managers from many factories publish products on our website. Some factories allow specific logistics agencies to ship their products; while for most other brands, they allow us to ship the product directly, and the product price and shipping price will be more favorable.


What’s your return policy?

Please click here.


How to contact you?

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Note: FAQ equals the Terms of Sales in VAPE HK Shop